Learn the secrets of effective Article Marketing & Distribution

sec tshirtAnyone trying to promote their web site understands the importance of inbound links. But link building is so time consuming, so tedious! Plus it’s difficult to find sites willing to link to you.

So what’s the alternative? If you enjoy writing, you could start a blog about your company, product or service. But that requires daily upkeep and commitment. A better way is to write articles about your industry that people will actually enjoy reading. The beauty of article writing is that if you craft them carefully enough, other sites will want to link to them and/or publish them on their own sites.

Our new Article Marketing and Distribution course at Search Engine College will teach you simple and proven ways to create article distribution campaigns that gain both exposure and quality links for a website. Our tutor Karon will also share with you article syndication tactics that can dramatically increase your audience with very little effort.

The course is now open for enrollment and the first 10 students to sign up will receive a Search Engine College t-shirt. What are you waiting for?

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