Environmentally Friendly Web Site Marketing: Recycle Your Content

recycleIn case you missed it, SiteProNews published my latest article prior to Christmas. Environmentally Friendly Web Site Marketing: Recycle Your Content is all about how to keep your site content fresh and create new products and services by re-packaging your existing content in different formats to suit different audiences. Here’s an extract:

The marketing and affiliate gurus are expert content recyclers and they make a LOT of money using this system. But guess what? You can apply the same principle to your own web site content. Here are some ideas:

  • Documentation such as training manuals and client case studies make great web page content.
  • Web page content such as product reviews and descriptions make great fodder for “how to” articles.
  • That silly staff Christmas video might make a terrific viral marketing tool.
  • A set of FAQs would make for an interesting webinar or video blog.
  • A group of case studies could be made into a free white paper or auto-responder email series.
  • A collection of articles or bookmarked tools could easily be converted to a downloadable e-book or give-away CD.

Get the picture?

The more ways you can re-package your information, the wider audience you will reach because not everyone responds to the same medium in the same way. Some people like to read articles, while others prefer a structured training program. Some people absorb material better if it’s presented in-person and others like e-books and YouTube videos.

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