Article: Conversational Marketing With Twitter

Remember last month I mentioned I was writing a major article about how businesses use Twitter and I asked you all to take a couple of 10 second polls?

Well I’m happy to say the article has finally been published in the July edition of Website Magazine. If you’re not a subscriber to the hard copy OR online version, you can download this PDF version of the article: Conversational Marketing With Twitter.

Speaking of Website Magazine, did you know you can get a free subscription? That’s how I became interested in writing for them actually. I signed up for the 4 free issues and was both impressed with the quality of the articles and pleasantly surprised to see some familiar faces authoring them. So I got in touch with the Editor and suggested a story about Twitter.

Thanks to everyone for your help with the research and the great feedback on the article – I’ve had a surprising amount of feedback actually. My only regret is that editorial staff slashed my article by about 30 percent but I guess that’s to be expected with an offline magazine where space is at a premium. They also didn’t use the neat graphical polls I’d created using Twtpoll, but you can still catch those below:

1) Which of the following US companies do you follow on Twitter?

2) Have you ever communicated directly with a company via Twitter?

3) If you represent a business using Twitter, what is your/their *main* reason for doing so?

I’m hoping to publish the unedited version of the article with poll graphics on SiteProNews later this month so I’ll blog the URL when its live.

So did my article resonate with you? Is your business using Twitter in any of the ways mentioned in the article? I’d love your feedback in the comments below, thanks.

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