Search Industry Job of the Week: Head of Search Dubai

Job Title: Head of Search Dubai
Job Reference #: Unknown
Position Type: full time, permanent
Name of employer:
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted: 28 July 2008
Position description: is the first SEO agency based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. An exciting new company that offers the highest quality Search Engine Consultancy in one of the fastest developing and most exciting cities in the world. only hires leading experienced professionals and combines worldwide international multi-brand experience with local up to date knowledge to provide a truly remarkeable service. is an exciting, new, fun and vibrant company that provides the oportunity to become the No.1 experts in an exciting new city. An exciting opportunity to be an integral part of a new Digital Search Agency based in the incredibly fast growing and dynamic city of Dubai. is one of the first and leading Digital SEO agencies in the region and as such provides the incumbent with an amazing opportunity to be one of the founding members of this new and exciting start up. will be dedicated to providing Digital Search Solutions and consultancy within the region with ambitions to grow quickly into the Far Eastern market.

Responsibilities include:

  • To maintain a differentiated and No.1 Search positioning that fits with’s offering in Dubai & The Middle East.
  • To establish’s Search principles that give our clients a strategic and operational advantage in the market.
  • To help develop charging structures that maximize revenues/margins.
  • Analyse a client’s current website and provide a well defined site assessment on current natural search performance including all report writing.
  • Understand the major technical factors that influence natural search crawlability, indexing and keyword ranking.
  • To evaluate the latest industry tools in order that is best equipped to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Perform Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities, including but not limited to, identification and analysis of performance metrics; keyword research and ranking analysis; competitive market audits; writing SEO friendly copy and implementation of SEO best practices.
  • Proactively present program recommendations along with benefits to clients in order to timely advance program goals and objectives.
  • Keyword research using relevant tools and own research.
  • Copywriting skills to assist with creation of on-page content.
  • Thorough understanding of Google Analytics & how to apply the information to improving and driving forward search campaigns.
  • Creating, monitoring and maintaining PPC campaigns in Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) and others.

Salary range: $80,000 USD
Closing date: Unknown
More info about company from: []
Contact: Send resumes to lee[at]

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Congrats to our latest SEC graduates

happy SEC graduateOn behalf of the staff and tutors at Search Engine College, I’d like to offer congratulations to our most recent graduates:

Search Engine Optimization 101

  • Emmy Bill
  • Carol Smith
  • Ruth Randall
  • Fabrizzio Busso-Campana
  • Alice Hamilton
  • Kevin Martin
  • Aaron Slusky
  • Barbara Stroup
  • Stuart Matheson
  • Heather Winthrop
  • Jessica Bell

Search Engine Optimization 201

  • Peta Torkington
  • Cindy Woudenberg
  • Carol Smith
  • Emmy Bill
  • Susan Bloom
  • Fabrizzio Busso-Campana
  • Sin Kuen Cheng
  • Aaron Slusky
  • Jessica Bell

Pay Per Click Advertising 101

  • Lisa Dougherty
  • Marcia Wasik

Article Marketing & Distribution 101

  • Emmy Bill

Web Site Usability 101

  • Bill Casey
  • Elaine Hinshaw

Certified Search Engine Optimizer

  • Emmy Bill

Congratulations to you all. Please contact your tutor if you haven’t yet received your hard copy certificate, Status Page or certification seal.

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Think you know a thing or two about search engines? We are looking for a few good men (and women!) to become Guest Bloggers for our Search Engine Advice column right here at

So if you love to write, like to help people and think you can answer their tricky search engine questions, give us a shout via webmaster [at] with the subject line “GUEST BLOGGER” by Sunday 24 August.

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1) A 1-2 paragraph summary of your experience in the search industry
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Search Industry Job of the Week: SEO Internet Marketing Specialist

Job Title: SEO Internet Marketing Specialist
Job Reference #: Unknown
Position Type: full time
Name of employer: LinkShare
Location: Tampa, Florida
Date Posted: 5 August 2008
Position description:

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing (IM) Specialist will lead the strategic planning and execution for the implementation of organic search marketing (SEO) and internet marketing for a core website and smaller niche sites as needed. The SEO and Internet Marketing Specialist will also be responsible for overseeing aspects of conversion across those same sites. The results will be measurable as defined by rankings on Google, Yahoo and other search engines, as well as customer acquisitions.


  • Creation and implementation of best SEO practices.
  • Organization of SEO efforts.
  • Utilization of analytic tools to report on the progress of SEO efforts.
  • Analyze online activity statistics to spot trends and report on opportunities.
  • Oversee the monitoring of traffic rankings in the major search engines.
  • Creation and implementation of link development strategies.
  • Communication with various departments to ensure compatibility of SEO objectives with those of overall objectives.
  • Development of core content initiatives (linkbait).
  • Make recommendations on site improvements and features that will help with SEO efforts.
  • Competitive intelligence research and reporting.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest trends and research of organic search engine optimization tactics.


  • A minimum of three years experience in search engine optimization.
  • Experience with SEO for competitive market spaces.
  • A strong understanding of conversion metrics and usability.
  • A firm understanding of traffic analytics and experience with utilizing those analytics for reporting purposes.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Knowledge of up to date link development methods and management.
  • Experience with keyword analysis.
  • A strong understanding of search engine algorithms and their spiders.
  • Outstanding communication, organization and leadership skills.
  • Proficiency with MS Office.
  • Knowledge of HTML is a plus.

Salary range: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown
More info from: []
Contact: Send resumes to careers[at]

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Q and A: Do we need to optimize multiple sites individually?

QuestionHello Kalena

You were very helpful in answering a previous questions.

I have a client who has about 5 or 6 online dating websites. He wants to set up one website with a new domain and link them to all the other websites, but he wants to optimize only this one website instead of optimizing each individual websites.

My recommendation to him is to optimize each website separately since they all have separate keywords. Do you think this is the correct way to go? Thank you!


Dear Mirna

I think what you’re asking is: should your client optimize each site individually or redirect all to a single optimized site? Without knowing the URLs of your client’s sites, it’s difficult to answer this one.

If your client has multiple stand-alone sites that each target a specific market and they can each be logically optimized for unique keywords, then I would agree with you that optimizing the individual sites one-by-one would be the way to go.

On the other hand, if your client has a single target market and each of the existing sites contain similar or duplicate content and are only for lead generation for the main site or company, then I would suggest redirecting them all to a single branded site optimized for your client’s main keywords.