Search Industry Job of the Week – Paid Search / PPC Specialist

Job Title: Paid Search / PPC Specialist
Job Reference: Unknown
Position Type: full time
Name of employer: Prime Visibility
Location: Melville, NY
Date Posted: 25 March 2013
Position description:

Prime Visibility, is an award winning full-service digital marketing agency leveraging deep industry expertise with leading technologies. Their integrated platform of online marketing solutions includes: Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Management, Social Media, Email Marketing, Display Media, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Design and Development, Strategy, Analytics and more. Prime Visibility partners with leading brands to find the right digital mix to meet their goals, and to enhance the performance of their online marketing initiatives and web presence. Prime Visibility is based in New York, NY and is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, a Google Analytics Certified Partner, and an MSN AdExcellence Company.


Direct PPC experience with Google AdWords, Bing and other PPC programs is a plus.

  • Keyword Research
  • Creating a logical account structure of keywords
  • Writing and testing ads
  • Optimizing landing pages for search engine quality score
  • Bid Management in order to attain an optimal cost per conversion
  • Monthly Client Reports
  • Weekly Internal Reports
  • Maintain relationship with client
  • Keep up to date with technology and share information with coworkers


  • Analytical and logical
  • Ability to work in a “team structure” that fosters collaboration
  • Energetic and passionate about your career
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Strong ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously, and work under pressure to meet deadlines
  • Solid ability to listen to and follow directions
  • Possess the ability to effectively communicate with clients who do not have our industry knowledge
  • 2 + years previous paid search experience is essential.

This job will be located in Melville, NY. They offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Only candidates under consideration will be contacted. Prime Visibility is a division of PV Media Group and is an equal opportunity employer.

Please forward your resume along with your salary history to: jobs2[at]

Salary range: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown
More info from:
Contact: Send resumes to: jobs2[at]

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Fast Five in Search – Week 13, 2013

fast-fiveThis week’s Fast Five features posts on personalized search, content strategies, link building tools and some helpful hints for start-ups. Enjoy!

1) Personalization and SEO – Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin                             Google has become our friend, or at least it’s trying to. Personalized search means that Google knows important things about us, like where we spend a lot of our time, who our friends are, what we like, common search queries and so forth. But what does all this mean for the search industry? Rand’s casual (he’s wearing a hoodie) Whiteboard Friday post points SEM’ers in the socially orientated direction we all need to be in these days. Thanks Rand!

2) Announcing the Just-Discovered-Links Report by Tela Andrews                                   I’ve put this one in here for all the link builders out there. This ‘Just Discovered Links’ report generator is a new feature in Open Site Explorer, designed to help marketers find new links within an hour of them going live. “This report helps you capitalize on links while they’re still fresh, see how your content is resonating through social channels, gauge overall sentiment of the links being shared, give you a head start on instant outreach campaigns, and scope out which links your competitors are getting.”  Amazing stuff!

3) Offering Guest Posts for Your Clients: Why You Should Get Your Writers Involved by Amanda DeSilvestro                                                                                                          Now this one is for all the writers out there, or companies who employ (or contract) writers for themselves or clients. For companies: should you have writers in-house? Or contract to freelancers? For freelancers: should you specialise in a particular industry or subject? Want to find a better way to organise and collaborate on working documents? Amanda has it all covered.

4) Increase Your SEO Business by Specializing by Shadi Khattab                                 SEO is a big industry now, long gone are the days of explaining to people “Oh I help websites rank better” and receiving blank looks in return. With so many SEO companies in the marketplace, how can a small start-up attract solid long-term clients (the goal of every business)? This great post inspires SEO’ers to find their niche and become experts by specializing in that niche.

and finally…

5) How Can Small eCommerce Businesses Use SEO to Compete With Sites Like Amazon? By Mark @ Think Traffic                                                                                     This is a great post which follows nicely from the last one. How can small start-ups hope to compete with megaliths like Amazon? Certainly not by competing directly, but with some creative thinking and niche-in-depth focus, it is possible as you’ll see.

Happy reading!

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Search Industry Job of the Week – Head of Search Engine Marketing

Job Title: Head of Search Engine Marketing
Job Reference: Unknown
Position Type: full time
Name of employer: Amazon
Location: US, WA, Seattle
Date Posted: 13 March 2013
Position description:

Amazon’s Global Marketing Team is looking for a Head of Search Engine Marketing to lead the company’s worldwide paid search marketing program. As the leader of the Amazon Sponsored Links (SEM) team, you’ll lead the business and technology teams for one of the largest pay per click (PPC) search marketing programs in the world, and one of Amazon’s most important online advertising channels.

To be successful in this high visibility, high impact role, you will need to be a strategic and technically savvy leader who can drive long-term vision and translate business strategies into technology solutions.

  • You will be at home both driving strategic decision making and implementing business strategies via complex technology.
  • You will be excited to both drive SEM channel growth and to improve ROI by improving channel efficiency.
  • You will be comfortable leading product management and software development teams focused on continued innovation.
  • You will love a good algorithm, appreciate white space, understand the value of rapid test and learn approaches, and be excited by the chance to have a significant impact on both the top and bottom line.
  • You will have a knack for finding ways to both innovate and to simplify. You will drive automated, scalable marketing programs through measured use of process and smart system architecture.
  • You will have a global mindset, and should be as comfortable working with business and finance teams as you are with engineers.
  • You will have significant experience hiring and developing high performance teams. And you will be excited by the opportunity to fulfill Amazon’s credo “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.”


  • Setting the vision for Amazon’s participation in paid search marketing worldwide
  • Achieving all key performance targets for the SEM channel, including revenue and ROI for all Amazon locales worldwide
  • Developing SEM channel strategy and guiding long-term initiatives
  • Developing the long-term roadmap for Hydra, Amazon’s internal search marketing tool
  • Delivering against project plans and deliverables, on time and on budget
  • Leading the software development team responsible for developing our world class search marketing technology
  • Driving engineering and operational excellence
  • Hiring and developing a world class team of product managers and software development engineers
  • Report on results to senior management and communicate closely with internal stakeholders

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Math, Statistics or related field
  • 5+ years of experience in online marketing and or advertising for a leading company or program
  • 7+ years of experience as a team manager, including management of engineering teams

Preferred Qualifications

  • MBA, Masters in Computer Science, or related discipline
  • Deep knowledge of online advertising and search engine marketing fundamentals
  • Experience in machine learning, information retrieval, search systems, artificial intelligence, data mining, targeting, statistics and/or relevance
  • Versed in auction theory
  • Experience with experimental design and analysis
  • Executive-level written and verbal communication skills

Salary range: Unknown
Closing date: Unknown
More info from: Amazon Careers
Contact: Send resumes via online form to: Amazon Careers

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Fast Five in Search – Week 12, 2013

fast-fiveI love the sheer diversity of this week’s Fast Five. We’ve got everything from Social SEO to dodgy PPC…

1) Key Elements Every Website Should Include by Ivana Katz                                               I was chatting with a friend the other day who is about to build a company website. One of the first things he asked was what content to include. In this great post, web designer Ivana Katz shares 7 essential items for any business website.

2) How Social SEO Proves to be a Boon For Your Business by Deepak Gupta                   If you’re looking for a way to explain why Social Media is an important part of SEO, this is a great article to refer people to. Deepak explains clearly how likes, tweets and shares tell search engines you are important.

3) Link Building for Small and Local Businesses by Geoff Kenyon                                   This is a great solid article about link building with a couple of ideas I’ve never come across before. In small business link building is often considered a luxury. Yet sometimes a big campaign isn’t necessary. Geoff shows us what a little thinking outside the box can achieve on a small budget.

4) 7 Ways to Improve Your Writing… Right Now by James Chartrand                                   I know this is not strictly SEO, but writing skills are a must in any marketer’s toolkit. This post will have you writing better pieces in minutes. Thanks James!

And finally…

5) How Not to Run a PPC Campaign inspired by eBay’s AdWords #Fail by Larry Kim  We’ll finish up this week with a tongue-in-cheek post, which turns the usual ‘helpful hints’ blog post format on its head. Larry takes pleasure in demonstrating how eBay, the world’s biggest marketplace, wasted millions when it came to PPC.

Happy reading!

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Google AdWords Glitch Locks Out Account Holders

There appears to be a major glitch happening in Google AdWords right now that is preventing a large number of account holders in Australia and New Zealand from accessing their campaigns.

It all started about 8pm last night – I had my MCC account loaded and I tried to shift beween client accounts when I found I couldn’t get the campaigns to load. I tried to shift back to the client I was working on previously and found I couldn’t get their campaigns to load either.

So I tried several other client accounts, clicking on the campaigns tab – with the same result – a rolling *loading* icon, which eventually resolves to a blank screen where the campaign details should be (see image).

adwords fail

AdWords campaigns failing to load

So I logged out of my MCC account and tried to log in to an individual account, only to receive the same error. I could login to the accounts, but could not view any campaigns. I took to Twitter and asked if anyone else was having trouble and so far it seems as though only account holders in Australia and New Zealand are affected.

Google emailed an announcement this week, advising that account holders in Asia Pacific were being moved from Google Ireland to Google Singapore for billing purposes (can you say tax break?), so I have a sneaking suspicion that this outage is related.

But this is mission critical stuff – the only way for my clients to control their AdWords accounts right now is to remove their credit card details! At the time of publishing this post, it’s been 17 hours without campaign access to my client accounts and my clients are getting antsy. I have a good mind to demand all click costs during this outage be reimbursed to their accounts.

The other problem is that I can’t grade assignments of my PPC students at Search Engine College because I can’t see their accounts to grade them! I’ve tried contacting Google via Twitter and through the AdWords Support team, but I’m yet to hear back.

Regardless, I’ll be interested in hearing Google’s excuses for this one. I’ll keep tabs on the length of the outage and report back when I know more.

Are you having trouble accessing your accounts right now? Please leave a comment if you are.

Postscript: Paul from AdWords California was kind enough to email me (and comment on this post) to confirm the issue and let me know they were working on it. Thankfully, it was resolved about 2 hours after this post was published. Turns out it was simply a bug in the system. Not sure if they got it ironed out completely, because I had trouble accessing the Billing tab in my MCC account this morning, but at least I can edit client accounts now.