Hi Kalena,

I noticed that your site contains information on search engine optimization. I’d like to notify you of a new, free tool for automatically analyzing URLs for a comprehensive range of SEO issues.

Submitted by: Rachel from

Review findings:

Easy to use due to only one field to populate so enter your URL and away you go!

Site analysis is fairly quick and results are displayed in easy to understand sections;

– High importance
– Medium importance
Successful check

There are useful explanations and suggestions with rollover help pop-ups for each section.
In the event of the site being analyzed returning any results flagged as red or amber, the application displays detailed instructions and explanations as to why these have failed along with links and suggestions on how these issues can be resolved. These instructions can be a little technical and may be of more use to web designers and SEO specialists rather than the end user and site owners.

Browser compatibility – site appears to have been written for IE7 – slight misalignment of left edge when viewed in FireFox 3.01 and Opera 9.5

There seems to be a lot of focus on the page size and even when the page analysed is less than the average page size (25Kb as stated in the application) there is still the suggestion to compress the page size further.

All in all this is a good and easy to use resource which, when used in conjunction with other site checking applications, can provide an excellent starting point or a reference for cross checking other web site optimisation processes.

Wildcat SEO

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