Top 10 Dumbest Social Network Sites

After being inundated with what I call “invitaspam” day after day from obscure social networking sites, today I’ve finally had enough.

An invitation to join a site called Scribd from somebody I didn’t know was the straw that broke this particular camel’s back and I decided to bitch about it on Twitter by creating my list of Top 10 #dumbsocialnetworks:

“I’ve been sent too many invitaspams lately so fighting back. Here’s my Top 10 list of #dumbsocialnetworks, in reverse order, Letterman style”

Here they are:

  • 10 – No. 10 of the Top 10 is Scribd a “social community sharing original writings with friends, family & the world.” VOMIT
  • 9 – Sitting in spot 9 of the Top 10 is Ecademy “Market your business & get found on Google” because you can’t do that on own?
  • 8 – At number 8 in my list of Top 10 dumb social networks is Gooruze “a ranked advice community”. The concept is ok but I just CAN’T get past the name.
  • 7 – Number 7 is WAYN. Yes, in caps. Makes me imagine I’ll be greeted on the site by some guy with plumber’s crack, wearing stubbies and holding a beer.
  • 6 – In position 6 of my Top 10 is Yedda“Actively finding the best answers from the most relevant people”. Shame that many of those people are spammers.
  • 5 – Sitting at number 5 is Unyk. An online address book for people who don’t know how to use Gmail.
  • 4 – At number 4 of my Top 10 #dumbsocialnetworks is Naymz, who like to use retro spam. Specifically, keyword stuffing and lots of it.
  • 3 – Number 3 on the list is Plurk. Tired of your other social networks? Spam friends, family and complete strangers with endless Plurk invitations!
  • 2Grouply is our Number 2 on the Top 10 dumbest social networks. Hand over your Yahoo ID & they’ll override your privacy settings & data mine your info, yay!

And drumroll please for the Number 1 on my Top 10 dumbest social networks list…

  • 1 – Claiming the number 1 spot for dumbest social network is Plaxo: “Hi, I’m updating my address book for the nth time today. Please take a moment to scream”

I’m not alone in my hatred of Plaxo. Apparently it was voted one of the 20 most annoying tech products in 2007. Thankfully, the self-updating address book company decided a couple of years ago to stop clogging up our In boxes with those super annoying contact update request emails.

Oh and before you’re tempted, the next person to send me a Plurk invitation gets Plaxoed in the head.

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