Google Adds Twitter Accounts to Press Center

Earlier this year I wrote a post on SiteProNews about how excited Google was becoming about Twitter and how quickly they were creating new Twitter accounts.

Well Google has taken their endorsement of Twitter to a new level this week, with the addition of a directory of their official Twitter accounts to the Press Center.

I discovered the new directory when I visited the Press Center today and was greeted with the message:

“New! Browse our official list of Google’s Twitter accounts”.

Clicking on the related link brings up a comprehensive list of 87 official Twitter accounts representing almost all of Google’s products and tools, as well as many of the Google regions worldwide. When I viewed it, the Twitter directory page hadn’t even been cached yet, indicating that it’s pretty new.

Prior to this new directory, Google’s Twitter accounts were being added to the related post on the official Google blog, but the new directory lists 16 more Twitter accounts, making it the authority now.

Google’s decision to create such a large number of Twitter accounts and link to them in such a prominent location highlights their continued infatuation with Twitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were dating with a view to forming a long term partnership.

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