SMX Sydney 2010: Bulletproof Link Building

Greg Boser from 3DogMedia is now up to talk about creating a bulletproof link strategy.Greg Boser of 3DogMedia

Step 1: Link Map / Blueprint

Greg’s team creates a Link Map Profile. Greg says analyse the top sites in your space and work out the job ahead

Things to look at during this stage:

– average number of links

– average age of competing sites

– average PR of competing sites – will determine how hard it’s going to be to compete. Also take into account the unique IPs.

– average number of linking domains

– average age of linking domains

– average PR distribution of incoming links

– average concentration of anchor text

Greg then showed an example profile for an *Online Poker* site – to give us an idea of the data he’s dealing with. Each of these profiles will be different. This particular profile proves that it’s going to be a hard space to get results in using link strategy. Provides the blueprint

Step 2: Tactics

Once you have the big picture – your blueprint and now it’s time to look at the individual tactices each competitor is uins to gain links

– make a list of the top 2-3 tactics

– usually competitors will only be using 1 or 2 tactics, giving you the opportunity to overtake their efforts by using all tactics available to you.

– Yes, you can purchase links – provided they fit the criteria established in your blueprint.

– Get the quality links first – because as links age, they count more.

– When you get to the end of the process, your link map will look just how you planned it.


– Majestic SEO is highly recommended by Greg

– Linkscape

– Use tools that go out to get data then compare with your own

– Site Explorer

– RavenTools

– SEOBook Toolbar

During Q and A, Greg Boser said that if you want to target Australia and get good link popularity in Oz, make sure 90% of your links are from Australian sites.

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