Search Engine College Site Outage

Attention Search Engine College students. Our domain is currently not accessible due to a DNS issue. We are working on this as quickly as possible but due to propagation time, it may take a few hours before you see the site back up and running again.

Please rest assured that no assignment or grade data has been lost – this is purely a domain redirection issue and not a breach of server security.

Apologies for the delay and if you have sent any email to us over the past 24 hours, please resend it once you see the site back up and running.

Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE: Site is now back up and running, PHEW! If you’ve sent email to an address on our domain over the past 24 hours, please resend it. If you’re waiting on feedback for an assignment you’ve uploaded, please check the assignment page as post-grading notification emails may not have been sent by our server during the site outage. Until the site has fully propagated, you may find site access fluctuates. This should only last a few hours. If you have ANY other concerns, please msg me via the College system while you’re logged in, thank you.

UPDATE 2: Site access is fluctuating for some people. Unfortunately, the site is still not available to everyone. This is a standard domain propagation issue as the DNS is updated across web servers globally. All we can suggest is to keep trying to acess the site every few hours until propagation has finalized and hold off sending email to our domain until this has completed. Dotster have assured us this won’t take more than 72 hours :-( If you need to get in touch urgently, use the big red Ask Kalena button to the right. You can also access the site via IP address:

Remember, patience is a virtue!

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