Q and A: Why have my rankings dropped now after five years?

QuestionDear Kalena…

I have been in the top three positions for the keyword ‘motivation’ for five years and just last month dropped to 16. A block of my once-ranked pages has simply disappeared. My business is sinking as a result. I haven’t changed a word on my site for months – perhaps even a year – because I’ve been writing a new book. Could this be the issue? My site is: Motivation123.com


Dear Jason

The advertiser competition for this keyword is very high resulting in a near saturated market.
The position change for your site could be as a direct result in a downturn in the number of searches for the single keyword “motivation”.

If your site content and meta-data has remained static for a period of a year or so then Google may have decided that your site is not as relevant in this search as it once was, resulting in placing your competitors higher in the Search Engine Results Page for the search term “motivation”.
Detailed analysis of your competitors may reveal more readily updated content and SEO work being carried out on a scheduled basis.

A positive move may be to restructure your keywords for a less saturated keyword phrase still related to motivation, it is important not to lose the keyword “motivation” altogether so add keywords rather than delete them.

Take a look at your site content and be sure to include any new keyword phrases in the body text two or three times and also consider looking at your description tag to reflect this new content.

Plan strategic SEO by using different related keyword phrases as opposed to single keywords and you could see your site rise in the SERPs again.

best regards
Andy Watson
Wildcat SEO

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