Q and A: What’s the difference between free and paid keyword research tools?

QuestionHi Kalena

I have been looking into some free keyword research software and noticed there are a few out there; even Google’s free tool has gotten good kudos.

In lesson four of the SEO 101 course, you mention a few SEO tools that if we wanted we would have to eventually pay for – can you please let me know what the main differences are between the free and paid versions?

And if, I am just starting out in SEO and have a limited budget if the free versions will do what I need.


Hi Trina

The main difference between paid and free keyword research tools is usually the number of keywords you can research. Also, some of the paid tools give you the ability to search specific databases e.g. Australia only or the last six months of search data versus the last five years of search data.

Our Search Engine Wiki has a pretty good list of keyword research tools. One great new tool I haven’t added to the Wiki yet is Ispionage. It’s particularly useful when researching target pay per click keywords for your AdWords campaigns, because it shows what your competitors are targeting.

Oh and try Raven Tools too. It’s more of a holistic SEO tool but it has great keyword management functionality.

Also don’t forget my previous blog posts about keyword research – they might help too.

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