Q and A: Should I use regional qualifiers in PPC ads?


Dear Kalena…

There is still one thing that confuses me about Pay Per Click advertising. Whenever I use a geographic term in my ad at the very end google comes back and tells me the search value will be too low.

For instance *web site designers Southern Maryland*. If that term is in the ad then the results seem to be flagged by Google, while the original estimates it gives me look ok.

Should I avoid uses regional terms in my ads?  I left them because it didn’t tell me they were rejected and they seem to appear if I run a search for the terms at times.


Hi Debbie,

If you have your regional targeting set up accurately within the campaigns settings, there will generally be little need to use regional qualifying terms in your keywords/ads.

Google has determined that the number of people searching for your phrases that include *Southern Maryland* is very low so your ad is not likely to be shown. You should start by targeting more generic phrases such as *web design Maryland* and then if the search volume is too high you can reduce the click costs by adding *Southern* in later.

The other option is to set your regional target markets within your campaign settings and use Dynamic Keyword Insertion to determine your ad headlines.

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