Opportunity: SEO for Australian hotel chain

Hi all

For some years, I used to do SEO work for a large Australian-based hotel chain. They have recently approached me to see if I could take over search engine optimization duties again for three hotel sites. However, my cup runneth over right now and I’m not currently taking on any new clients.

The client has asked me to recommend some SEO experts – preferably Australian-based – who could possibly take on the task. If you have a minimum 5 years SEO experience and (ideally) have worked on sites in the hospitality industry, I’d like to hear from you. Please use the Ask Kalena button and send me your details and a link to your site/resume and I’ll put you in touch with the client.


Search Industry Job of the Week – Manager of Social Media

Job of the weekJob Title: Manager of Social Media / Content Specialist

Position Type: Full Time

Name of Employer:

Industry: Incentive / Loyalty Marketing

Atlanta (Perimeter area) USA

Position Description:

Loyaltyworks is a top 10 Atlanta marketing company seeking a protégé to our manager of digital marketing. Candidate must be smart and eager to learn. Position would grow to managing whole campaigns.


  • Minimum 2 years education in digital marketing
  • Understanding of SEO, SEM and social media
  • Ability to write and post content
  • Create online library of white papers, blog posts, case studies, research, best practice guides, FAQs
  • Help drive web traffic through understanding Hubspot, Analystics, Facebook, Twitter and Salesforce
  • Most importantly, the ability and willingness to create a social media plan and implement it with the understanding that Web based sales leads are the life blood of our business

Benefits: Paid health, optional dental, matching 401K, profit sharing, bonuses.

Salary Range: Unknown

Closing Date:

[email protected]

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Q and A: Do you need to use consistent title tag format on each web page?

Hi KalenaQuestion

I’m just reading over Rand Fishkin’s article Title Tag SEO Best Practices referenced in SEO 101 and I have a quick question regarding the bit below:

“Many SEO firms recommend using the brand name at the end of a title tag instead, and there are times when this can be a better approach. The differentiating factor is the strength and awareness of the brand in the target market. If it is a well known brand, and it can make a difference in click-through rates in search results, the brand name should be first. If this is not the case, the keyword should be first.”

Do you need to be consistent with the format you use on each page of the site? That is to say if one page would benefit from having the Brand Name first while other pages would have more strength using the Primary and Secondary Keywords first is that okay from a design/authoring point of view?



Hi Tiffeny

Great question! Every SEO will probably have a different answer to this, but I’m a strong believer in optimizing on a page-by-page basis.

Using the reverse pyramid analogy, every page on your site is a potential doorway, with your home page at the very bottom of the pyramid.

You might assume visitors all come via the home page, but if your site is well optimized, they rarely do. They will arrive via the page that best matched their search query. So you need to optimize each page as though it alone can be found in the search engines.

So you should optimize your title and other tags accordingly, to match the content on each individual page and the keywords you are targeting. If that means putting the keywords at the start of the tag, so be it.

Hope this helps!


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