Q and A: Why are My Google (India) and Google (USA) Rankings Different?


Dear Kalena…

Since last few days I am getting very strange result in Google SERP for one of my client website. When I search in Google.com (India) it given good result with compare to Google.com (US – I am checking through remote server). My target country is US and I am working to improve rankings in Google.com (US). I am having sound knowledge to get listed in geographic result and i have already fixed below things before 5 months. – Hosting server is in US – Google webmaster tool geotarget section is US – Google local listing in US – Maximum back links from .com domain Now my query is, why i am getting such strange result. What are the ways to get better rankings in Google.com (US)? I really appreciate your reply Thanks


Hi Jignesh,

This is an interesting question.  As you are aware, when you make a search under Google, your physical location can influence the search results. Google does this on the basis of the geographic location of your IP address – which is normally (but not always) reasonably accurate.  By using the remote server you should be seeing search results as they would appear in the USA – even though you are in India.

It sounds as if you have done many of the right things as far as optimising for the US market.  It is not clear from your question whether this has changed recently or whether you have only recently compared the results.  I also don’t know the keyword phrases you are using – which makes an assessment of the cause difficult.  But I would suggest that either the keyword phrases you’ve used are much less competitive in India, than the US (and may achieve higher rankings in India) – or that even though you have got backlinks from .com domains – perhaps a significant proportion of them are hosted in India.

As far as tips for getting better rankings for Google.com in the US – just keep doing what you are doing – good quality, unique, keyword rich content, and authoritative backlinks.

Andy Henderson
Ireckon Web Marketing

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