Q and A: Do Ask and Lycos use and/or in default searches?

QuestionDear Kalena…

I am trying to find info about some search engines, but it is extremely difficult. With Ask.com and Lycos, are their default searches and or or – or are they both? Other sites seem to have the info available somewhere, but these two – arrrggghhh!

Thank You


Dear Leah

In the case of Ask.com, the default search is “or”. You can tell this by doing a search for “fish chips”. You’ll see that Ask throws up results for “fish chips”, “fish & chips” and “fish and chips”. Learn more about Ask’s Web Search works here.

Do the same search at Lycos and you’ll see results like “fish & chips” and “fish ‘n’ chips” as well as “fish and chips”, suggesting that Lycos also uses “or” as their default search.

Hope this helps!

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