Buy Books, Fight Poverty

I’m too tired tonight to tackle a Q and A, so I thought I’d mention an interesting project I saw advertised on TV today.

Good Books New Zealand is a new not-for-profit startup that is trying to fight poverty in a very unique way. They call themselves the online bookstore with a conscience, because they plan to donate 100 percent of profits from their book sales to Oxfam. Here’s a blurb from their site:

“Every time you buy a book from Goodbooks – any book – we contribute all profits to Oxfam to help fight its global battle against poverty and social injustice. There is no extra cost to you. We do not mark up our books to cover this contribution; our prices remain among the lowest you will find; delivery worldwide is completely free, and with over two million titles in stock our range is one of the largest you will find.”

Terrific cause and great idea! I don’t know how they are going to fund the business side of things, but I’ll be interested to see where it goes from here. They ship books worldwide for free, so buy a book and fight poverty.

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