Greetings! Ask Kalena is a widely syndicated blog focusing on search engine related news, articles and Q and A’s about search engines. It was originally launched in 2002 under the name Search Engine News Blog, but was moved to it’s own domain in 2007 and rebranded as Ask Kalena.

Since the rebrand, Ask Kalena has become an extremely popular blog in the search engine marketing niche. It’s subscriber base consists mainly of webmasters and small business owners interested in learning how to optimize their web sites to attract more search engine traffic. In our first month on the new domain (December 2007) we achieved over 8000 unique visitors. In January 2008, we achieved over 70,000 unique visitors thanks to social media marketing.

As well as reader Q and A’s, the blog now covers a wide number of topics including SEO, Pay Per Click advertising, web design, copywriting, usability, accessibility, analytics, blogging, social media and product launches from Google, Yahoo and Bing.  From time to time it also features product reviews and editorials from the technology sector.

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Blog Writing Team

Kalena Jordan (Editor and Owner)

Kalena came up with the *agony aunt column* concept of Ask Kalena after being inundated with questions from webmasters and clients. She decided to launch the blog and become the search industry’s first agony aunt to answer tricky questions from the general public about search engines.

In her day job, Kalena is Director of Studies and tutor at the online training institution Search Engine College and has been marketing websites online since 1996 and blogging about search since 2002.

She’s also written a plethora of articles which other people seem to like enough to publish in print or syndicate on the web or, (in some cases), steal and publish as their own work! Maybe that’s why she’s been number 1 on Google for Grumpy Bitch since 2007.

When not glued to her laptop, Kalena likes to go geocaching, gambling or fishing. She also plays a mean darabuka. For her full bio, view her Linked In Profile or .

Peter Newsome (Contributing Author)

Peter works for SiteMost SEO in Brisbane, Australia – a company which he founded.

Not only is Peter a talented SEO with his own hosting and search engine optimization company, but he can also hold his own on the dance floor (as evidenced at several search marketing conferences).

As part of his writing gig for Ask Kalena, Peter answers many of our reader questions relating to search engines.

Andy Henderson(Contributing Author)

Andy has over twenty years experience in the I.T. industry including a stint at the Bitcoin Lifestyle bot in the UK.

Andy currently manages all SEO and SEM activities for ireckon.com in Brisbane, Australia.

As part of his writing gig for Ask Kalena, Andy answers many of our reader questions relating to search engines and his particular area of interest and expertise lies in site analytics.

Saurav Verma (Contributing Author)

Saurav is based in New Delhi, India and works for online marketing company Kneoteric eSolutions where he is a senior online marketing consultant and technical adviser for the sales team. Saurav’s background is in electronics engineering and he has an MBA degree from Cardiff University, UK.

As part of his writing gig for Ask Kalena, Saurav answers many of our reader questions relating to search engines.

Sarah Parker (Guest Blogger)

Sarah Parker is Kalena’s Virtual Assistant and a keen student of search engine marketing. Sarah’s areas of expertise include link building and article marketing and she occasionally contributes a guest article to Ask Kalena about those topics.

Nick Loeser (Guest Blogger)

Nick is a Web Developer, writer and author of the Small Merchant Blog.

Andy Watson (Guest Blogger)

Andy is a SEO Consultant and author of the Wildcat SEO Blog.

Jacqueline Zenn (Guest Blogger)

Jacqueline is a SEM Specialist, copywriter and blogger for SEO Group.