New Milestones for Search Engine College

SEC-smiley-150x178We’ve been busy bees at Search Engine College HQ this month, with lots of exciting milestones and a few developments in the pipeline.

First up – in line with our our push towards integrating more multi-media content and interactive learning materials, we have added over 30 new YouTube videos to our various training modules in the past few days. Existing students and subscribers can view the videos from within the course areas.

If that isn’t exciting enough already, we are also putting the finishing touches on our brand new Link Building Starter course which is getting ready to launch next week. The course contains the latest advice and guidance on link building in light of Google’s recent Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm changes and crack down on link networks. New and existing subscribers will be given access to this course for no additional charge. That’s right – access comes standard with all subscriptions.

If you’re not already a subscriber – what are you waiting for? You can sign up here.

In other news, we had our first ever student from Jamaica sign up yesterday, which means we now have Search Engine College students in 62 countries. How cool is that? See you in the virtual halls.


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Fast Five in Search – Week 7, 2014



Hey folks! Fast Five is back for 2014. We’re doing things a bit differently this year. I’ll be taking over the posts from Sarah and I’ll be posting these on Mondays instead of Thursdays from here on.

That means you’ll be able to look busy at your desk while woofing down that breakfast bagel you grabbed on your way to the office and searching for a pen that actually works.

Simply bookmark our Fast Five category or make it your browser start page and you’ll have some tasty posts ready to read and get your marketing juices flowing the minute your PC or tablet starts up.

Here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1) Matt Cutts Has Declared Guest Blogging For SEO ‘Done’ by WebProNews. Apparently Head of Google’s Spam Team Matt Cutts took to his personal blog on Monday to warn against the practice of guest blogging for SEO purposes, declaring the tactic DONE. So if you are in the habit of guest posting, you might want to rethink that, or at least approach the process a little more carefully.

2) Why Guest Posting and Blogging is a Slippery Slope by Moz. Shortly after Matt’s blog post, Moz came out with a White Board Friday vid dedicated to the same subject. Check it (and Rand’s beard!) out here:

3) Alltop by Various. Not a specific post, but just a reminder about this very useful news aggregator that collates all the top blog posts and news stories in tech, work, health, culture, sport and other subjects on an hourly basis. Very handy to find trending topics for new blog fodder or research a particular niche for link building purposes.

4) Do You Love Your Customers? by Seth Godin. This post by Seth caught my eye on my regular fly-by his blog because of a similar discussion I was having with a client recently. Seth says that there are two distinct reasons why companies claim to love their customers and only one involves money. The kicker is that customers can tell the difference! So next time you claim to love your customers, make sure it’s not just because they pay you.

and finally… not really search news, but definitely tech:

5) Flappy Bird is Gone From the App Store by TechCrunch. Yes, millions of people awoke today to the shocking news that the frustratingly addictive Flappy Bird iOS and Android game has been removed from the App Store by it’s developer Dong Nguyen of Vietnam. Nguyen cited “I just can’t take it anymore” as his reason for removing the game, presumably because he couldn’t navigate those darn birds through pipes any better than the rest of us.

But never fear – some clever clod has developed a clone called Flappy Doge. (screenshot below) The only differences? Scary looking corgies and dodgy spelling. You don’t even need a mobile device to play. Hoorah!

Flappy DogeHappy clicking!

*Image courtesy of Threadless.

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Video Introduction to Raven Tools

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog, clients or students of Search Engine College will know that my favorite and most-used piece of equipment in my search marketing toolbox is Raven Tools.

Jon and the team at Raven have worked tirelessly over the past few years to fine-tune and polish the collection of tools available to the point where my day starts and ends within the Raven Tools interface.

Lately, I’ve had some clients and workshop attendees ask me what particular features of Raven Tools I use most often and which ones I think would benefit them the most. This is a difficult question to answer, because I tend to use ALL the features at different times, depending on client requirements and specific projects.

For example, one day I might use the AdWords Insights feature to discover how to further boost the ROI of a client’s AdWords account, while the next day I might use the Site Auditor and Reporting features to produce a 100 page Web Site Audit for a new client.

Just yesterday I used Raven Tools to help a client research keyword data and decide between two different keyword phrases to target on a product landing page. After lunch I sent another client a Social Mentions report revealing how often their brand was discussed last month on social media channels.

Explaining all these features of Raven Tools in detail is simply not possible in a single conversation. Thankfully, the team at Raven just released a new video which does the job for me, briefly outlining all the stand-out features and benefits. They offer a 30 day free trial and if you decide to purchase, the price won’t give you sticker-shock like some of those other marketing tool suites.

If you haven’t already tried Raven Tools (or even if you have!), check out the video above and see if it has the potential to turbo-charge your site marketing too. Click on the video at any time to be taken to Raven’s own site.


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Well Done to our SEO Advanced Graduates

On behalf of Search Engine College, I would like to offer congratulations to our latest round of Search Engine Optimization graduates for 2013.

Students named below have successfully completed our Search Engine Advanced course at Search Engine College and attained official certification status (requiring a passing grade of 70 percent or higher).

Search Engine Optimization 201

  • Christine Rokos
  • Sok Khann
  • Charles Downey
  • Heidi Couto
  • Meghan Jump
  • Nichole Gunn
  • Mary Milner
  • Jennifer Sacks
  • Diana Weaver
  • Nirav Patel
  • Bonnie Dalager
  • Alena Budnikova
  • James Kerce
  • Patrick Pflager
  • Natallia Pranevich
  • Adam Dilbeck
  • Rachel Ruple
  • Judith Perry
  • Robert Stevens
  • Christine Totten
  • Saul Godoy
  • Brett Wohlgemuth
  • Cheryl Hardy
  • Sarah Price
  • Andrea Taylor
  • Jose Capelo
  • Nadezda Khlynovskaya
  • Katherine Beckett
  • Linda Ng
  • Molly Frederick
  • Taylor Krentz
  • Brendan Holmes
  • Thomas O’Brien
  • Christina Bruns

Congratulations to you all! Please contact your tutor if you are still waiting to receive your hard copy certificate, Status Page or certification seal.

Also, don’t forget to fan of our Facebook page and follow our Twitter profile @secollege for College announcements such as lesson updates, press releases, new courses, events and milestones.


Thinking about taking one of our online training courses? Subscribe to our courses today!

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Fast Five in Search – Week 45, 2013

fast-fiveIt’s that time of the week already and we’ve got a great Fast Five selection for you. Enjoy!

Hummingbird’s Unsung Impact on Local Search by David Mihm
If you’re targeting local markets in your search strategy you might want to check out this post by David, as according to his initial research, Google’s Hummingbird update has had an impact on local search results.

Panic Stations! A Case Study on How to Handle an Important Page Disappearing from Google by Steve Morgan
I know I say this a lot, but this is a great post to bookmark. Like Steve, many of us have never personally experienced this phenomena – but if it does ever happen, we’ll want easy access to all the helpful info in this post – including the great resource links.

4 Post-Penguin Link Building Tactics Every Company Should Be Doing by Jayson DeMers
Google has ensured Webmasters treat link building as a qualitative process rather than quantitative. Here Jayson describes four types of Backlinks which are highly beneficial, following the various algorithm changes and Google updates over the past few years.

Google Promises More Accurate Results with New Google Trends Topic Reports by Matt Southern
This week Google announced a new addition to Google Trends which will provide more accurate topic reports. Predictive text now appears when users begin typing a search term, which helps further clarify the request/results.

And finally…

Building Brand Identity – Five Reasons Your Blog Needs a Ghostwriter by Enzo F Cesario
Are you finding it hard to maximise the benefit of your company blog? Enzo puts forward some great reasons why a Ghostwriter might be the answer to your fresh content woes.

Happy reading!

*Image courtesy of Threadless


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