First Peek at Webstock Swag

This week, I’m in Wellington for Webstock 2011.

Webstock has a reputation for having the coolest conference swag around. The question is, can they match their previous swag reputation? The answer? Yes they can:
Webstock 2011 swag

Webstock 2011 Swag Contents:

  • Ultra hip, ultra strong Webstock laptop satchel – available in your choice of black or white (I chose white). It’s rumored that whenever Webstockers bump bags, a LOL cat dies.
  • Webstock 2011 tee – available in any color as long as it’s black. Features Webstock logo on front and list of speakers on back.
  • Conference lanyard – with Wellington map and programme printed conveniently upside-down so you can read it while wearing.
  • Black cap – groovy black cotton hipster cap/hat with subtle logo from gold sponsor Xero.
  • Conference handbook – gorgeous gold trim quarto containing speaker, venue, sponsor and need to know stuff.
  • Stickers – exercise-inspired stickers from sponsor Springload. Weird but amusing.
  • Magazine – a bumper Webstock edition of the Idealog magazine, featuring the must-read Raising Webstock article by @hadyngreen.
  • Pencil – yep, it’s a pencil. But the coolest pencil you could ask for, with Webstock logo on one side and “YOU ARE AWESOME” on the other.

All in all, a pretty sweet swag. Topped only by Webstock 2009 when we all got keys which we had to exchange for matching wind-up robots. I hear we’ll also be getting Webstock Trading Cards on Thursday so we can all play the @webstockgame.

But it’s not just about the swag at Webstock. The conference hasn’t even started yet and as always, the buzz is palpable. Jealous much?

Webstock swag

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