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Fast Five in Search – Week 32, 2013

fast-fiveFor all the content creators out there – this week’s Fast Five is for you! It contains two articles on Google’s new ‘in-depth articles’ search results feature, how to make the most of Google+ and how to turn your company into an epic story worth sharing.

Discover great in-depth articles on Google by Inside Search
Google is now rewarding good quality long-form content with an ‘in-depth articles’ search results feature. So far the types of articles showing up in these results (only on google.com) are published by big brands and are between 2,000 – 5,000 words long.

How to Write the In-Depth Articles that Google Loves by Demian Farnsworth
Demian gives us the full story on how to make the most of Google’s new ‘in-depth article’ feature – along with Google Authorship and the latest Genesis Framework for WordPress.

11 Essential SEO Analytics App in Google Play by Albert Costill
This is a great list of Apps found on Google Play for Android devices. Want to research the competition on the go? Or check on a client’s or your own site ranking? There’s an App in this list for all those things.

Why Your Brand Must Tell a Compelling Story by Srinivas Rao
The making of a business, the story behind the people, these are all important aspects of marketing. This article explains how to re-write your ‘About Us’ page to make a real connection with your audience.

And finally…

How to Breathe Life in Your Google+ Profile by Jason DeMers
Jason has written some great tips on using the main features of Google+ and how to keep your business profile fresh.  Create a community, get together using Google Hangout, develop niche circles and share content with each of them.

Happy reading!

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Fast Five in Search – Week 31, 2013

fast-fiveFrom good old fashioned storytelling, to sci-fi style Google glasses, this week’s Fast Five has something for everyone.

Giving a Voice to Your Brand by Gianluca Fiorelli
Gianluca describes the ancient art of storytelling and how we can use its effect on the human brain to make an authentic connection with our audience. It’s a long post, but worth reading.

A Visual Guide to Keyword Targeting and On-Page Optimization by Rand Fishkin
Targeted keywords need to be considered when choosing a brand name, domain name, writing copy, internal and external links, image and meta tags, plus anchor text. Rand’s fantastic post covers all aspects of keyword optimization, complete with great resource links throughout.

Five Ways to Prove to the Client That Traffic Will Come by James Harrison
This post contains great resources to assist business owners, or digital marketing employees, with campaign planning and progress reports.

Hiring Virtual: Why Old Fashioned HR Doesn’t Work in the Digital World by Greg Moran
The job marketplace has changed – from the perspective of both employers and employees. It’s become more common for people to work from home and employers require skills – that perhaps weren’t necessary before. This is an overview of the changes to ‘Human Resources’ that have occurred, and will continue to occur, as a result of the communications revolution.

And for something different…

Top 10 Places That Have Banned Google Glass by Albert Costill
I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I came across this post. We really have entered into a science-fiction inspired age when Google-connected glasses are becoming available on the domestic market!

Happy reading!

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Fast Five in Search – Week 30, 2013

fast-fiveIt’s mostly about social media this week, but there’s also some solid writing advice and a great list of SEO resources thrown in too.

How Many Social Buttons Do You Really Need? By Samuel Miranda
I’ve wondered about this for a while, so I was glad to see a post on the subject. Samuel gives us the run down on each of the major social media sites/buttons to help us decide which ones to target.

You Can Now Embed Posts From Facebook by Adam Morgan
Facebook have created the capacity to embed Facebook Posts in general web content and given a few organisations the chance to try it out. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of us are able to use this feature. Adam provides a picture of the concept, so we know what to look out for once the feature is more widely spread. Apparently once you’ve clicked on ‘Embed Post’, you will be given a code that you can place in a blog article. Great stuff!

7 Ways to Survive Gmail’s New Promotions Tab by Sonia Simone
Sonia’s advice is not to panic, but… we need to be smart about getting our messages in front of our best customers and prospects. This means not pandering to the great ‘middle’ but focusing on pleasing those who already like us.

Which Works Better: List Posts or Stories? Let’s Ask A New York Times Editor by Andy Crestodina
This one’s for all the bloggers out there who are in need of some inspiration. Apparently lists are good, but stories are better. Or, maybe a combination of both? Andy gets advice from the best.

And finally…

The 100 Best Free SEO Tools & Resources for Every Challenge – Interactive by Cyrus Shepard
The team at Moz have put together a great list of resources and shared it with their blog readers! Bookmark this one as a reference.

Happy reading!

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Fast Five in Search – Week 29, 2013


What makes readers tune in for more? What are employees looking for in an SEO? These things are answered and more, in this week’s Fast Five!

9 Experts and a Summary: What Makes an Ideal SEO Employee? By Aamir Jiwa
What are employers looking for when seeking to employ an SEO professional? Aamir talks to nine industry leaders to discover, not only what industry knowledge they’re looking for, but also the personal qualities which stand out. Are you creative or methodical? It seems there’s a place for everyone in SEO!

Could Google Authorship Offer Protection Against Future Updates by James Brockbank
With more Google algorithm changes on the way, James believes Google Authorship will provide a protective shield for those who use it wisely. It is interesting how this little piece of code, which links your Google+ profile to your website or blog, can dramatically increase visibility within niche industries.

5 Data Insights into the Headlines Readers Click by Nathan Safran
How do you get people to care about important stuff amidst the avalanche of content we all face each day? What is the magic word formula that gets reader’s attention?
This post answers all that and there’s also some interesting internet statistics thrown in too.

5 Steps for Creating Super Hero Slides by Aleyda Solis
I love Aleyda’s Lego pictures in this post. Aleyda shares her secrets to developing memorable presentations that strike an emotional chord with readers.  This is one to bookmark.

And finally…

WordPress Most Popular Plugins by wptemplate.com
I can’t resist a good infographic and as a WordPress user, I’m always keen to find more useful plugins!

Happy reading!

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Fast Five in Search – Week 28, 2013

fast-fiveSEO the Future of Search Results by Daniel Cristo
Instead of viewing our SERPs as 10 blue links, we could soon be treated to a multimedia info card format. In this ‘back to the future’ post, Daniel presents some convincing examples of what’s to come.

Former Facebook Employee Warns Against Sharing Personal Info by SPN Staff Writers
Katherine Losse, former Speech Writer for Mark Zuckerberg, has warned Facebook users that if the social media site’s staff can access their information, federal law enforcement agencies can as well.

The Importance of Mobile Optimised Content by Ben Austin
Forget detailed explanations, quotes and anecdotes, according to Ben the future of copywriting for mobile devices is short, to the point, and laid out in bite sized chunks – not blocks of text. With over 1 billion mobile devices being used today, it’s important to change our writing habits to suit.

64 Google+ Content Strategies by Maria Peagler
Short on content ideas for your Google+ profile? This is a post to keep referring back to. Maria gives us plenty of ideas to make the most of the world’s fastest growing social media platform.

This one’s for all of us who spend more time than we should staring at screens…

Case Study: How a Corporate Consultant Built a Thriving Business with Content by Beth Hayden
Jen Waak started a successful business by tapping into a much needed area of attention – physical health for office workers – and consistently sharing her insights with others.  Keyboard Athletes is her invention and it’s a site all of us should bookmark.